• Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean Brings Mayhem To The Mall

Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean Brings Mayhem To The Mall (Photo : Getty Images)

Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean character is back in the comedy film “Top Funny Comedian the Movie.” The movie initially was scheduled to premiere on Chinese New Year but was postponed.

Newshub reported that the movie just premiered with an exclusive release in China. Rowan Atkinson is known in China as Mr. Foolish Bean. The audience laughed on the film’s premiere with the actor’s extreme facial expressions and slapstick comedy.

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Language of Comedy

Although his co-stars in the film – Chinese comedians Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng – spoke Mandarin and other languages, Mr. Bean used body language and comedy to communicate with them. Besides “Top Funny Comedian the Movie,” the 62-year-old Rowan Atkinson who revived his bumbling loner character after he divorced wife Sunetra, also reprises his jewelry salesman role in “Love Actually” for the Comic Relief special.

Costly Divorce

The 2015 divorce of Rowan Atkinson, who left his wife of 24 years for a comedy actress, cost the comedian £5 million in divorce settlement. However, the actor has the financial means since his 2007 movie “Mr. Bean’s Holiday” earned over £2.4 million in China alone. “Top Funny Comedian the Movie” is expected to be a hit in China. His worth is estimated at £70 million, according to Daily Mail.

His showing up in China for the premiere of the comedy film debunked rumors that Rowan Atkinson died in a car accident which is a hoax story, The Sun reported. The hoax was based on a fake Twitter account that looks like it came from Fox News. The tweet, which was shared and liked over 300,000 times, claimed the actor died after a car accident on March 18.

“Top Funny Comedian the Movie is a spin-off of a popular Chinese variety show with the same name starring Guo Degang and Yue Yunpeng.