• Beijing 2022 committee has commenced its worldwide staff recruitment.

Beijing 2022 committee has commenced its worldwide staff recruitment. (Photo : Getty Images)

In line with the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, the event's organizing committee has commenced its worldwide recruitment of staff on Monday, State-run news agency Xinhua reported.

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The recruitment center in the Chinese capital is need of a total of 22 staff members, which will be recruited to fill in 21 positions. Eleven of the staff members are to be recruited across the globe for 10 positions.

According to the article, the jobs for Beijing 2022 require the applicants to have majors in marketing, media, law, foreign languages, finance, venue management, and planning and construction.

The Beijing 2022 organizing body is tasked to organize and coordinate all the necessary preparations for the staging of the China-hosted Winter Olympics. As of writing, the committee is composed of nine internal departments and two operational centers with around 170 staff members.

The committee revealed that their worldwide recruitment will continue in the future to assure that their team will be made of "professional and internationalized personnel," the article said.

The procedures for the current worldwide recruitment involve online application and first qualification review, which will run from Mar. 21 to 31, then examination and evaluation, scheduled in mid-April until late May.

Xinhua enumerated different factors that would affect the selection of the applicants, including the applicant's combined examination results, educational background (which should match the position applied for), work experiences, and the results of background record review.

For further information, details are posted on Beijing 2022 website's recruitment page.

Apart from the recruitment center, Beijing 2022 will also create a talent pool, which can accommodate those who want to work for the upcoming Olympics but failed to qualify in the recruitment process.

During the launching ceremony held on Feb. 27, organizing committee president Guo Jinlong emphasized that the market development program for the world-anticipated event will go beyond promoting the Olympics.

"It will bring economic benefits and social benefits at the same time," Guo noted, adding that they aim to boost regional economic interests while encouraging more people to participate in various winter sports.