• Huawei is investing in New Zealand R&D to build labs and a cloud data center that will focus on maximizing the Internet of Things.

Huawei is investing in New Zealand R&D to build labs and a cloud data center that will focus on maximizing the Internet of Things. (Photo : Getty Images)

Chinese telecommunications powerhouse Huawei recently revealed that it is investing around $282 million in research and development in New Zealand, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.

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Citing a statement from the New Zealand government, Huawei plans to use the investment for the next five years.

The tech giant's plans include the creation of innovation labs in Wellington and Christchurch, and the establishment of a cloud data center, founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei announced in a statement.

Ren met with New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English on Tuesday and discussed digital transformation as well as information technology-related infrastructure.

Huawei said that they will be teaming up with various local partners for the cloud data center. Meanwhile, the firm disclosed that they are targeting to launch one of the labs at Wellington's Victoria University this year.

For the Christchurch-located lab, Huawei aims to enter more new partnerships with other firms.The innovation labs will be built to focus on the use of big data. They will also be beneficial in optimizing the Internet of Things through different kinds of future technology including 5G.

In his statement, Ren further lauded the country's openness when it comes to trade.

"New Zealand's open and fair trade environment, and its emphasis on developing new technology, facilitates our ongoing commitment," he remarked, as he also enumerated the firm's plan covering R&D, local procurement and cloud computing infrastructure projects.

"New Zealand has rich tourism resources and highly developed agricultural and trade sectors. Digital transformation empowered by advanced ICT technology can enable New Zealand to become better connected with the world, and transform its traditional strengths into driving forces of economic growth," Ren added.

As part of the New Zealand R&D investment, Huawei is also offering 100 undergraduate students to visit China over the next five years to educate themselves about cutting-edge technology.

The Chinese company also plans to open a Wellington regional office and help local businesses be part of Huawei's worldwide supply chain network.

Huawei's presence in New Zealand started way back 2005. Since then, the firm has become a pivotal factor in giving the country the capability to launch its ultra-fast broadband initiative.