• Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 (Photo : YouTube)

Walt Disney announced the other day that its animated action-adventure film "Big Hero 6" broke its box office record. Now, the film is about to have its sequel.

"Big Hero 6" follows the story of a teenage boy Hiro and his adorable inflatable robot, Baymax. Together with their tech-saavy friends, they formed a team in order to beat the bad guys.

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After its release on Nov. 7, 2014, "Big Hero 6" has got an estimated domestic gross of $221 million and estimated foreign gross of $411 million, for an estimated gross total of $632 million, from $604 million noted last March 11. "Big Hero 6" now follows "Frozen" and "Lion King" as the third largest Walt Disney Animation Studios release, both in a domestic and global scale.

Meanwhile, actress Genesis Rodriquez gave her thoughts about the animated film during the press junket for the film "Run All Night," according to Screenrant.

Rodriguez is the voice cast for the one of Hiro's friends, Honey Lemon. When the actress was asked about "Big Hero 6", her reply was, "There's rumblings of something else happening."

Rodriguez added that she witnessed the film as the third most grossing Disney animated feature, which has a positive impact to the company. The actress also believes that feasibility of a sequel after the success of the first film.

The actress also added her thoughts on what the sequel might have for the fans.

"Well, it's a comic book, so they have so many... It's a Marvel franchise that Disney adapted," she said.

The actress talked about the possibility of recreating an entirely different story similar to comic books. She also thought of having the heroes brought back together to defend the nation from the enemies. Such ideas can be integrated in a sequel, as teased by the actress.

The third highest grossing film was spearheaded by Don Hall and Chris Williams. Roy Conli and John Lasseter were the film producers while Jordan Roberts as co-writer. The film's characters and story line, which also made an appeal to the audience, are factors for winning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Co-director Chris Williams believes that a real story is the key focus in their films, as he shared in Variety.

"If it's not a great story, it won't be a great movie," he said. "The crew deserves a great story. And we have expectations from the audience, who grew up with Disney animation. They deserve a great story too," he continued.

"Big Hero 6" and "Run All Night" are still showing in selected theaters and cinemas, with the latter being released last March 13. "Big Hero 6" is also available in DVD.