• China and New Zealand deepen cultural ties via different art exchange events.

China and New Zealand deepen cultural ties via different art exchange events. (Photo : Getty Images)

In a bid to help New Zealanders better understand Chinese culture, Moonlight Gallery has staged an exhibit called Image and Imagination featuring six New Zealand and eight Chinese artists, online portal stuff.co reported.

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The artist and cultural exchange event, which ran for one week, was part of the Auckland Arts Festival.

According to Moonlight Gallery director Ling Zhao, this kind of exchange will deepen cultural ties between the two countries.

"Many New Zealanders have only heard about China from the news, so I think it's good to introduce a direct connection to Chinese culture and Chinese history," Ling, who was originally from China, shared.

For Cao Yang, one of the participating Chinese artists, remarked that the exhibit served as an eye-opener, adding that "the enthusiasm that New Zealand artists present in their artwork really moved [him]."

Artist Liu Jia Wei shared the same sentiment, further emphasizing how the event helped him.

"As an artist I think having this connection between two countries is very important, and it will really bring new life to my art," Liu said.

In 2016, Moonlight Gallery has previously invited three New Zealand artists to China who took part in a two-week artist exchange activity.

"Last year Moonlight Gallery invited three artists to China for an art exchange for two weeks. This year, we wanted Chinese artists to return the exchange, so we invited eight of them here for this exhibition," Ling explained.

Robin Ranga, one of those who visited China, shared that she was delighted to realize she had things in common with Chinese artists.

"We were from such diverse backgrounds, but there were more likenesses than there were differences between us. I think it helps you understand how we're all part of one human race," she said.

Meanwhile, Ling expressed hope that other artists and even art enthusiasts alike can have the same insight. "I hope the Chinese and New Zealand people can get to know each other well as friends through this art exchange."