• CPC's Education Campaign on Party Management

CPC's Education Campaign on Party Management (Photo : Getty Images)

The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has called for the ongoing education campaign on Party management to be institutionalized.

The education campaign started last year and concentrates on the study of the Party Constitution and code of conduct, based on a circular issued by the general office of the CPC Central Committee.

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The circular, which was disclosed to the public on Tuesday, also stated that the study will include the speeches of Chinese President Xi Jinping, who also serves as the CPC Central Committee’s general secretary.

Xi’s series of remarks are regarded by the circular as the most recent accomplishments in the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The speeches symbolize the latest advancement of contemporary Marxism in China.

The remarks are deemed as a significant thought for Party building and progressing the noble purpose of socialism with Chinese characteristics. They will also serve as principles which will guide all Party organizations and members, it added.

The circular also said that Party organizations at various levels should grasp the essence of institutionalizing the campaign and should highly prioritize ideological education on their agendas.

Actions of Party organizations and members must also be standardized as to conform to the Party Constitution and code of conduct. It is also important to make certain that Party organizations fully perform their roles and that Party heads are clean, honest and confident in taking up duties.

The results of the campaign must also be evaluated by Party organizations, it said.

Party committees at all levels are also requested by the circular to lead grassroots Party organizations and members to bond more closely around the CPC Central Committee with Xi as its core leader.

Annual study schedules must also be made by Party committees at all levels while individual study plans are expected from Party leaders.

According to the document, Party organizations should direct members to build up their ideals and beliefs, execute the Party’s decisions and abide by the Party discipline and rules.

Failure to act accordingly will result to grace criticisms or accountability to those responsible, the statement added.

The CPC expects that all Party organizations and members will institutionalize the education campaign on Party management.