• Chinese fishermen

Chinese fishermen (Photo : Getty Images News)

The Chinese police are investigating the butchering of a baby Chinese white dolphin near Nanshui in Zhuhai's Jinwan District, according to the Guangdong Ocean and Fishery Administration.

Netizens reported the butchering of the aquatic animal,  which reportedly took place at around 6:30 p.m. on Thursday. The Chinese social media revealed photos of a gray dolphin butchered into pieces and placed in boxes filled with ice.

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Law enforcement officers headed to the spot after being tipped off and recovered the remains of the aquatic animal, which will be checked and verified by technical authorities. 

The local fishing bureau said that a fisherman whose surname is Zhong discovered a dead "big fish" floating near Gaolan Port. He then dragged it to the wharf and had three other men butcher the "fish."

Chinese fishermen have often been involved in illegal fishing. In fact, South Korea's Coast Guard has to regularly chase Chinese boats for fishing illegally, which sometimes result in violent confrontations. 

In June, South Korea sent its naval ships to chase 10 Chinese fishing boats near the disputed sea boundary between South Korea and North Korea. The Chinese fishermen, who were illegally harvesting blue crabs, escaped into North Korean waters. 

Nicknamed "giant panda of the sea" and "mermaid," the Chinese white dolphin mainly appears in the Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean. In China, it is often found in the East China Sea and is given first-class state protection.

The Chinese white dolphin is a humpback dolphin species. These dolphins are black at birth but change to gray and then become pinkish with spots. They become white upon reaching adulthood.

Experts say that changes in its color are a way for the Chinese white dolphin's blood vessels to adapt to the different changes in temperatures.

Chinese white dolphins have thicker layers of blubber and are shorter than other dolphins. While most dolphins species have poor eyesight, the Chinese white dolphin sees very well.