• Racegoers in the betting shop area at Sandown Park on February 4, 2017 in Esher, England.

Racegoers in the betting shop area at Sandown Park on February 4, 2017 in Esher, England. (Photo : Getty Images/ Alan Crowhurst)

The 21st century marks the rising of technology with the introduction of high-end smartphones and mobile apps. In the beginning, smartphones only offer simple mobile phone game, and now, there's a vast selection of mobile apps available in the market; however, what really attract people are the gambling apps that are readily available for accessing.

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Through the innovation, availability and accessibility of mobile games, more and more people are getting attracted to having at least one on their smartphones. In 2015, there's an estimated amount of USD$54 billion turnover from the mobile gaming industry. With a rate of 70% to 80% of all mobile downloads goes to mobile games and the number of people playing mobile games on their phones has doubled since the year 2012.

In the earlier years, mobile phones are used basically for communication such as calling and sending SMS or text message. As years go by, mobile phones are able to develop and adapt to the human needs as it provides more than we can imagine, where it affected a lot of industries as well - everything you need in one device. Now, you can communicate much faster, easier and more conveniently even to your relatives in other countries.

But that's not all, mobile devices also provide entertainment mainly through mobile games. With that said, the number of sales for gaming consoles Xbox and PlayStation were affected by the fast-growing market of mobile games. The convenience, complexity and cheaper amount of mobile games drive people to choose to avail it than the other.

Anyone, anywhere - whether you have a busy lifestyle or you just stay at home, whether you're a kid or a parent in this modern world - almost everyone has a mobile phone. When it is downtime, mobile games are just a click away wherein there's no need to set up anything. Mobile gaming just makes our life simpler, easier and more entertaining.

Mobile games don't damage your bank account, wherein high quality mobile games can cost roughly less than USD$4, unlike a new PlayStation 4 game which cost a whooping USD$68 to USD$70. It's easy to use even for those people who are not that tech savvy, as they can easily find out how to play a mobile game since instructions are readily available online. Its graphics are bigger and better and leaves you with an awesome experience that will make you want to play some more.

Nowadays, mobile games also provide social interaction to be able to connect with more people and attract the others who don't have a certain app yet. It is one of their ways to achieve success. Mobile games are trying to innovate the things that we have in the past and making it more advanced, wherein the classic are modernized - making it more attractive to people, even the young ones.

With the rise of mobile gaming, gambling apps are starting to make its mark in the industry. Many say that mobile apps made it more accessible for players not needing to go to the nearest casino to play, since just one click of a button and you're there. Some say that it regulates the gambling behavior as it provides game play money, and if it ran out, then the player has an option to spend real money to get more dollars. Mobile Casino app sales are continuously rising, although most of them initially offer a free game; however, once you're hooked, extra purchases will definitely come in. The game itself is not just the enticement they are using, as some companies also hire celebrities to endorse the app which makes it more appealing.

Mobile gaming is a fresh yet booming industry. Their evolution made a huge difference to the human life, and we are hoping that there's more to come.