• Ivanka and her son, Theodore

Ivanka and her son, Theodore (Photo : Getty Images)

Goddess Ivanka continues to win the hearts of Chinese people as she began teaching Mandarin Chinese to Theodore, her youngest son. The boy began his Mandarin lessons just a week following his first birthday.

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On Tuesday, Ivanka posted a photo of herself and Theodore having play time together in the living room of her $5.5million Kalorama home in Washington, D.C.

The 35-year-old mother of three captioned the photo “the best moment of the day!”

In the picture, Theodore is seen playing with a set of colorful building blocks designed with Chinese symbols.

The Uncle Goose Chinese Character Blocks, worth $43 per set of 32 blocks, seeks to help children learn the symbols and pronunciation of animal names in Mandarin. Each wooden block has symbols and words on one side and a picture of the corresponding animal on the other side.

The blocks seem to be a useful tool in teaching Mandarin to children. Ivanka’s talented daughter, Arabella, now speaks the language.

The Chinese culture has also been introduced to Ivanka’s children. Over the past four years, Ivanka has posted a photo or video of Arabella to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Arabella has become China's new darling. Her videos, which were posted by her mother, went viral in Chinese social media platforms. A particular video showing the 5-year-old star in a traditional Chinese blouse, reciting Tang Dynasty poems in Mandarin, gained nearly 10 million views.

Ivanka and Arabella have come to the Lunar New Year celebration hosted by Ambassador Cui Tiankai at the Chinese Embassy in Washington DC. The young internet sensation was dressed in red, from head to toe, just like what she wears every Chinese New Year.

The mother and daughter, accompanied by the Chinese Ambassador, walked through the crowd and expressed their love for China. Wendi Deng, one of the family’s closest friends, has Chinese origins.

A musical performance which featured dancing, opera and acrobatics were enjoyed by the guests, including Ivanka and Arabella. The Kushner couple had photos with the performers who were wearing traditional Chinese costumes. Their daughter, on the other hand, enjoyed the Chinese food served at the event.

Goddess Ivanka continues to show her love for China by teaching her children to speak Mandarin Chinese.