• All New Jackie Chan Adventures

All New Jackie Chan Adventures (Photo : William Masters/YouTube)

Animation is one of the known products of Japanese cinema. However, Chinese movie makers are catching up, including martial arts actor Jackie Chan who has ventured into an animation project.

On July 13, a Chinese animation film, “Dahufa,” would premiere. The producer labeled the movie PG-13, which suggested parental guidance. China does not have a rating system, although the censor could order cuts on films or ban a movie.

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Violent Scenes

According to “Dahufa’s” trailer, the upcoming movie has some violent fight scenes and bloody aesthetics. Busifan, the director of the movie, said the film hopes to discuss complex human nature through a simple form, China Plus reported.

He explained that Dahufa was a job position in the Yiwei State’s imperial court. In the movie, the Dahufa is from a family which took the responsibility to protect for generations the country. Dahufa went to Peanut, a town, to look for a missing prince. However, he got involved in a malicious plot that involved the town people.

All New Jackie Chan Adventures

On Thursday, Jackie Chan announced his latest animation project, “All New Jackie Chan Adventures.” It is a 104-episode 3D TV series focused on Chinese culture and values, Animation Magazine reported.

The series, unveiled by Jackie Chan at the Rosewood Hotel in Beijing, was produced at the cost of $6 million by Zhejiang Talent Television & Film Co., Khorgas JJ Culture Media and VJ Animation Studio. The story would revolve around a team of heroes who are the guardians of dreamlands against threats coming from monsters who cause nightmares.

Kyana Poppy Downs, a child actor, is cast as the partner and sidekick of the series’ main character. So far three satellite kids’ channels and 200 terrestrial channels, including Hunnan TV Children’s Channel, JiajiaKT, Toonmax and Youman, have agreed to air the series.