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A new organizational structure by Verizon is to be created in order to improve their delivery service. This investment by Verizon will be responsible for the operation of its new technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G and fiber infrastructure.

According to Mobile News Promotion, the new organization structure will focus on three main areas including network and technology, media and telematics, and customer and product operations. With the new areas that are being focused on, Verizon also appointed a few head personnel to lead such areas. Hans Vestberg, former CEO of the multinational telecommunications company Ericsson, will be the Executive Vice President of Network and Technology. Marni Walden and John Stratton will also be Vice Presidents of their respective departments. Walden will head Media and Telematics, while Stratton will head customer and product operations.

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Furthermore, Android Headlines reported that the entry of Verizon in the digital media and telematics business, or in modern wireless and infrastructure, will help cushion the company's impact on the wireless market. The publication cited that the competition in the market is very intense, as competitors such as Sprint and other major carriers launches unlimited plans and options to combat one's offering. It can be recalled that Verizon invested in digital media, including the ownership of AOL and its recent purchase of Yahoo. The report said that this move will help bring in $7 billion in revenue for the carrier.

In conclusion, Verizon is setting up a new organizational structure in order to be more competitive from other carriers. An investment in fiber technology is already paying off for Verizon as its "FIOS" has increased in subscriber and gross revenue after a year. Verizon is expanding, as they are also involved in telematics, business of connected car and fleet management. In fact, Verizon is a major global telematics provider with customers in 30 different countries around the world.