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Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture Alhaji Lai Mohammed renewed a request for China to show Nigerian movies, known as Nollywood. He reiterated the request to Zhou Pingjian, the Chinese ambassador to Nigeria, during Zhou’s courtesy visit to Alhaji on Thursday in Abuja.

Nigeria-China Cultural Center

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The minister said if China would show Nollywood films, it would reciprocate Nigeria’s showing of Chinese movies. The move would help in forging better understanding between the two countries and to create a market in China for movies made in Nigeria, The Nigerian Tribune reported. To further promote cultural ties between the two nations, Alhaji proposed to Zhou the construction of a Nigeria-China Cultural Center in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Information Nigeria reported that the Nollywood Ambassadors Award would debut in Abuja to pay tribute to relevant stakeholders who contributed to the growth of Nigerian cinema. Sunny-Ken Awoji, president of the Nollywood Ambassadors International Initiative, announced the creation of the awards ceremony on Friday in Abuja.

Nollywood Ambassadors Award

The ceremony would honor individuals, government functionaries, and organizations that have helped in different ways to shape Nollywood. Awoji said these people and groups deserve to receive accolades. He claims that Nollywood is now a global brand. Now is the time to celebrate the brand ambassadors for their big contribution to the brand’s growth which created work for many jobless Nigerians.

The award ceremony would be held on Sept. 29 at the Sheraton Hotel. It would be different from other awards because it would recognize the contributors and stakeholders, not actors, producers and directors of Nollywood which other awards-giving bodies bestow awards.

“Basically, the industry is used to giving awards to ourselves, so it is time to look beyond self and acknowledge those who have helped us this far,” Awoji added. Among the awards to be given are Humanitarian Man/Woman of the Year, Most Supportive Organization of the Year, Most Supportive Foreign Organization of the Year and Most Supportive Government Organization.