• Russia on Syrian Crisis

Russia on Syrian Crisis (Photo : Getty Images)

On Thursday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that China has advised all parties, specifically the United States and Russia, to improve communication and coordination and to avoid conflicts in handling the crisis in Syria.

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The statement was given subsequent to Russia’s decision to veto a U.N. resolution regarding the Syrian conflict. The resolution, drafted by the United Kingdom, France and the U.S., orders a prompt investigation of the suspected chemical weapons attack in Idlib, Syria on April 4.

The U.S., along with other Western authorities, held the Syrian government responsible for the attack. As a response to the attack, the U.S. fired 59 cruise missiles at the Shariat military base located in central Syria.

The draft presumed the Syrian government to be accountable for the attack, Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Vladimir Safronkov said as quoted by the media.

“A political solution is the only [way] to deal with the Syria issue,” Wang said at a press conference following his meeting with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Malki in Beijing.

China appeals to the international community to sustain unity and to keep on supporting the U.N. as the chief means of arbitration, Wang said.

The foreign minister has also verified reports that Xie Xiaoyan, China’s special envoy to Syria, will visit countries concerned for a thorough exchange of views.

He also reiterated that China condemns and is strictly against the use of chemical weapons.

“China supports an independent and comprehensive investigation into reported chemical weapon use in Syria,” said Wang.

He added that responses to the attack must be within the U.N. framework and should be consistent with the U.N. Charter and basic norms of international relations.

“China will work till the last minute to seek common ground through consultation in the Security Council,” the foreign minister said.

According to Wang, Syria’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be honored and that the Syrian people must primarily resolve the issues.

China continues to support the U.N. in resolving the crisis in Syria, encouraging other countries to avoid conflict and remain united.