• Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. (Photo : YouTube/Wochit Entertainment)

Is Warner Bros. pushing to release four "Batman" movies in 2019? It is believed so, as rumors suggest that Warner Bros. are planning to release four separate movies based on characters in the "Batman" comics in 2019.

A post on the "DCEU Leaks" thread on Reddit suggests that Warner Bros. is planning to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Batman character by releasing four separate feature films that will revolve around the "Batman" movie franchise.

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All four movies are not centered on Batman alone, but instead will involve characters that originally appeared in the "Batman" comics. The planned releases for 2019 include "Gotham City Sirens," which is said to drop around Valentine's Day; a solo "Nightwing" movie, with a Memorial Day release date; "Batgirl" in August; and finally Ben Affleck's return in "The Batman" in November.

Joe Manganiello will still appear as Deathstroke in "Tha Batman," but he will not be the main villain. "Matt Reeves wants to do a larger scale Batman film that will include the Bat family as well as most of Batman's rogues," the Reddit leak said (via Screen Rant).

Aside from the four live-action films, two "Batman" animated movies are also included in the plan. One of the releases will be based on "The Long Halloween" arc from the comics.

The leak not only discusses Warner Bros. plans for Batman, but also plans for the other characters in the DCEU stable. Mel Gibson is no longer the top choice to direct the "Suicide Squad 2." The new frontrunners are Jaume Collet-Serra and Ruben Fleischer. Whoever gets to direct the sequel will likely work with a script that's currently being written by David Ayer.

Shortly after getting recognition for his work on the Oscar-nominated film "Hacksaw Ridge," Warner Bros. was reportedly courting Gibson to direct "Suicide Squad 2." According to The Hollywood Reporter, sources said Gibson was familiarizing himself with the material at the time.

The leak also dropped information about the highly talked-about "Nightwing" movie. Although no casting news has been confirmed yet, it is said that the movie's plot will have Grant Wilson be the main villain.