• All New Jackie Chan Adventures

All New Jackie Chan Adventures (Photo : William Masters/YouTube)

It would not just be children in China who would be able to watch the upcoming 3D cartoon series of Chinese actor Jackie Chan. Titled “J-Team: All New Jackie Chan Adventures,” the 104-episode series would air across 200 TV channels in China.

In the later part of 2017, the show would have an international launch, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 3D cartoon series, which would feature a child version of the martial arts expert, would team Jackie Chan with children as they defend from monster invaders a magical dreamland.

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Bigger Plans

The cartoon, produced at the cost of $6 million, by VJ Animation Studio, Khorgas JJ Culture Media and Zhejiang Talent Television & Film – owned by Jackie Chan – would have a feature film planned for 2019. Also in the pipeline are merchandising promotions and a theme park.

The actor clarified those ambitious plans are from the investors. For him, his energies are spent on making the cartoon for children around the world. He estimated that by the time the planned theme park would be finished, he would already be 80 years old, said the 63-year-old actor.

It is Jackie Chan’s second cartoon series. The first, “Jackie Chan Adventures,” was shown from 2000 through 2005 in over 60 countries and aired on Kid’s WB.

Cartoon’s Target

The target of the 3D cartoon series is not to make money since he has a lot of it already, said Chan who in 2016 earned $61 million, according to Forbes. He explained, “It's meant to help all young children to do things they don't always like to do — don't look at your phone for too long, remember to brush your teeth, respect your elders, pick up the trash.” Jackie Chan pointed out that if adults tell kid those things, sometimes they would not listen. However, by using comedy and acton, they will begin to follow, CNBC reported.