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The anus has been used as a place where criminals often hide illegal drugs or stolen goods like jewelry especially if the people smuggling these items go through airports. However, in China, a man inserted something into his anus not because he was bringing with him contraband items.

Ill-Thought Solution

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Rather, 49-year-old Liu from Guangzhou was constipated and to solve his inability to poop, he inserted a live eel up his anus. He likely thought the fish would eat his hardened stool, however, the 50-centimeter-long eel broke through his intestines and created a mess inside the man’s abdominal cavity, Shanghaiist reported.

Because of what the eel did to Liu, a factory worker, he went last week to a hospital in Baiyun District with a swollen stomach. When the man underwent surgery, doctors found the eel inside his stomach. The man said using eel to treat constipation is an effective folk remedy.

Folk Remedy Fails

Guangdong Television reported that Liu went to the same hospital earlier complaining of constipation. After a checkup, and doctors found that Liu has bowel obstruction, doctors recommended he stay in the hospital for further treatment. But Liu decided to try a folk remedy which yielded disastrous results.

When he returned to the hospital after Liu could no longer bear the pain, he initially told doctors that the fish entered his anus by mistake. However, after the operation, he admitted he inserted the fish himself into his anus, Dr. Zhao Zhirong, a surgeon, said. It is unknown if the fish was alive when Liu inserted it.

In 2010, a man died after his friend inserted an eel into his anus, not because the man was constipated but as a joke. The fish ate the man’s bowels and caused his death.