• Beijing Raises Fares On Public Transport

Beijing Raises Fares On Public Transport (Photo : Getty Images)

Chinese netizens angry at the rude behavior of a Caucasian foreigner inside a subway train in China are pushing for the man’s deportation. The male foreigner sitting on the floor of a south-bound train in Beijing at around 8:20 a.m. during rush hour made a local man talk to the foreigner in English to stand up instead so space would be available for other passengers.

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Argument Leads to Brawl

The request angered the foreigner which led to an argument between the two men. It ended in a brawl as the foreigner punched the Chinese man on the nose which bled. The angry local called the Caucasian a “white trash” and spat on the foreigner’s face the blood oozing from his mouth, Next Shark reported.

Other Chinese passengers on the train came to the defense of the local. They surrounded the foreigner who eventually apologized to his victim. But despite the apology, the two were brought to the police station when the train arrived at the Guomao Station.

Video Goes Viral

A passenger took a video of the incident and posted it online on Youku, China’s version of YouTube. The video has become viral and elicited comments from Chinese netizens. Someone pushed for the foreigner’s deportation and asked that the Caucasian man make a formal apology. Another commented the expat is spoiled in China.

Brawls inside Beijing trains are quite common. On Oct. 3, Daily Mail reported that 10 passengers had an argument over seats at about 7 p.m. when the train was near Jiaomen West Station. One of the groups complained of being tired and asked seated passengers to give up their seats. Beijing MTR Corporation, the railway operator, reported the melee to the control room which led to railway staff boarding the train and intervening, with those involved in the brawl handed over to the police, Daily Mail reported.