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Many women were offended when Charles Zhang Chaoyang, founder of Sohu, an internet company in China, denied the rumors that he is dating American singer Taylor Swift. What angered females was when he said he does not date foreign women.

Response to a Rumor

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Zhang, 52, was asked last week on Qianfan, the live streaming platform of Sohu, if he was dating Taylor Swift, Stuff.co.nz reported. His answer was: “It’s just a rumour. I have no interest in foreign women …. I don’t even know who Taylor Swift is.”

The rumor on Weibo is that Taylor Swift is dating a middle-aged tech tycoon from China. Zhang seems to fit the description because he is rich, successful, never married, more than 35 years old and speaks English. In 2010, Forbes named Zhang as one of the wealthiest men in China. Lei Jun, the chief executive of Xiaomi, a smartphone company, was stricken off the list because he has poor English skills.

Number One Singer in America

Among the reactions Zhang’s response got were he offended every foreign woman and Taylor Swift is probably not even interested in him. The rumor, according to Shanghaiist, is that the number one singer in America is dating a middle-aged tech tycoon in China.

Many netizens believe it is Taylor Swift who is the number one singer. However, the reaction of some netizens that the singer may not even be interested in Zhang could be true. All her high-profile romances were with Caucasian men. The list includes actors Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and Tom Hiddleston and singers Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Harry Styles.

Hollywood Life reported that model Gigi Hadid was listening to Taylor Swift’s song “22” while preparing for her 22nd birthday. Gigi’s sister, Bella, caught Gigi listening to the song and posted a video as proof.