• China's Red Cross Society

China's Red Cross Society (Photo : Gettty Images)

The African country of Uganda has received humanitarian aid from the China Red Cross Society worth 1 billion Ugandan shillings (approximately $202,300), reliefweb.int reported.

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Citing a report from the Uganda Red Cross Society (URCS), the donation was handed over by the Chinese Embassy and was transported through the private firm China Sinopharm International Corporation.

The humanitarian items from China Red Cross include unlined tents, blankets, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, examination beds, delivery tables, stethoscopes, electronic sphygmomanometers, autoclaves, weighing scales, operating tables, wheelchairs, desktop computers, laptops, printers, digital cameras, cups, plates, quilts and gasoline water pumps.

"Today I hand over these items to you as donated by the Red Cross Society of China and encourage you to use them to improve the lives of vulnerable Ugandans. We trust that Uganda Red Cross is the best partner to work with on humanitarian issues in this country and that they will deliver," Zhau Xinfen, Chinese Economic and Commercial Counselor in Uganda, said during the turnover ceremony held at the URCS office in Rubaga.

URCS Secretary General Robert Kwesiga acknowledged the efforts of China Red Cross and lauded the fruitful partnership that the two groups have shared throughout the years.

Kwesiga said: "We thank our partner National Society for the support given to URCS over the years. This support comes in very handy when URCS has many vulnerable people to support including the South Sudan refugees. We thank the Chinese Embassy in Uganda for coordinating our relationship with the China National Society of China as well as China Sinopharm International Corporation whom we have worked with closely until the goods were delivered to our warehouse in Ntinda."

The secretary added that the humanitarian items will be used to support the vulnerable people they serve, while items like laptops and printers will support URCS operations in the country.

The humanitarian support of China Red Cross to Uganda has been exhibited on various occasions in the past. The charitable institution has specifically helped communities in the East Ugandan district of Manafwa.

Meanwhile, the URCS said that it will edify its commitment to provide quality public services to the most vulnerable Ugandans. 

The group added that they will continue teaming up with China Red Cross to fulfill their vow.