• One Belt, One Road trade route

One Belt, One Road trade route (Photo : Getty Images)

The Sino-Ukrainian cultural exchange week dubbed “One Belt, One Road” opened in Kiev last Monday, April 24, according to an article by Xinhua.

The cultural exchange week is held in honor of the 25th anniversary of diplomatic ties and cooperation between China and Ukraine, as well as the upcoming Belt and Road forum to be held in Beijing in May.

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In attendance at the opening ceremony of the cultural exchange week were former presidents of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko and Leonid Kravchuk. They were joined by Ukrainian parliament representatives, Ukrainian and Chinese officials, and local business giants, Xinhua reported.

During the ceremony, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Gennady Zubko stated that the “One Belt, One Road” cultural exchange week will advance Ukraine’s dreams of becoming an integral part of the modern Silk Road.

“The possibility of cooperation and participation in the One Belt, One Road project is very important not only for the Ukrainian economy but also for its relations with China,” Zubko said.

One of the benefits of participating in the Belt project is the advancement of transport infrastructure in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s first lady, Maryna Poroshenko, and Zhang Wenkang, head of the Chinese delegation, expressed their desire for the cultural exchange week to bolster mutual trust and dialogue among all the countries in the Silk Road.

“Today we are witnessing the cultural dialogue between the East and the West,” said Poroshenko.

“It is very important that Ukraine, which lies on the route between China and Europe, has become an important link in building [the] new continental belt connecting the East and the West.”

The Sino-Ukrainian cultural exchange week will feature several events that will allow visitors to learn more about Chinese history, culture, customs and traditions. More importantly, several cooperation agreements will be signed within the week.

“This is not just the cultural festival but also the handshake of two outstanding civilizations,” said Du Wei, the Chinese ambassador to Ukraine.