• Condominium Assoc. To Begin DNA Testing On Dog Excrement To ID Owners Who Don't Clean Up

Condominium Assoc. To Begin DNA Testing On Dog Excrement To ID Owners Who Don't Clean Up (Photo : Getty Images/Joe Raedle)

Entertainment blogger Song Zude has promised to eat 400 grams of dog poo on live TV if his blog about celebrity chef and actor Nicholas Tse and Chinese singer Faye Wong is false. Song claimed the couple has separated.

However, Tse and Wong deny they have split. The chef, in a post on Facebook, said he is looking forward to seeing Song not eat his words but dog feces on live TV. The couple was photographed in February at an airport kissing, The Star reported.

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Song’s Track Record

But Song has proven in the past that some of the celebrity news he posts on Weibo were correct. The couple went separate ways for 11 years but got back in 2014.

The blogger claimed that Wong and Tse signed a break-up agreement, Asia One reported. Song claimed the couple’s relationship worsened after Wong’s failed Shanghai concert in 2016.

Song wrote, "According to insiders, they recently signed a break-up agreement, and will appear at the same time if there is a commercial collaboration. The pair's real purpose in getting together is to make money.”

Money Involved

Song insisted that Wong, who us almost 50 years old, could only rely on a man-woman relationship to hold attention. He claimed that Tse, who spends money so much, would only remain in a relationship with Wong if she will provide him money, but would break up with her if there is no money.

The blogger, known as “Big Mouth Song” in China, claimed in 2006 that Li Yan, the daughter of Wong by former husband, actor Li Yapeng, has a cleft lip. Li Yapeng admitted it. But Song said Tse fathered Li Yapeng which outraged actor Patrick Tse, the father of Nicholas Tse.

Chiu Li-kwam the former agent of Wong, in a Facebook post of a dog sweeping its poo, wrote, “Whose business is it whom Faye Wong gets together and breaks up with? A dog takes responsibility for its own poo, but will you?”