• China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi (Photo : Getty Images)

Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has stated that China’s efforts to open its market should be taken step by step and not hastily done, according to a report by Xinhua.

The recent remarks were made during a press conference with China’s Wang Yi after a third round of discussions on the two countries’ diplomacy and security strategy.

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During the discussion, the two countries agree to further develop their strategic partnership and prepare for upcoming high-level visits. In addition, they pledge to promote efficient and effective communication channels.

According to Gabriel, Germany remains optimistic that China will continue pursuing its opening-up policy as an open market and equal partnership are what both countries aspire to achieve.

Furthermore, he states that since China is one of Germany’s closest partners, the two countries should make every effort to continuously cultivate bilateral ties and mutual trust.

For his part, Wang acknowledges and appreciates the positive reception of Germany toward China. The two countries have achieved consensus in sealing the China-EU agreement, opening opportunities for free trade cooperation.

Defending free trade, reversing protectionism

Amid rising sentiments against globalization and trade, China and Germany are determined to ensure that the world order continues to foster openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results, according to Xinhua.

As the second and fourth largest economies in the world, Wang states that the two sides play a key role in not only European and Asian affairs but also global governance.

According to Wang, China is confident that Germany will remain committed to stability on the European continent, despite the recent developments in many countries such as France and Britain that potentially threaten further European integration.

China aims to work with Germany and the whole of Europe to offset political and economic uncertainties within the region and also the world as a whole.