• Pregnant AngelaBaby

Pregnant AngelaBaby (Photo : Weibo/Huang Xiaoming)

After Hong Kong celebrity AngelaBaby gave birth in early 2017 to an infant boy whom she gave the nickname “Little Sponge,” she posted a short video that showed her new slim body. The film clip showed her everyday life in “Hurry Up, Brother,” a Chinese variety show which she used to co-host until she temporarily stopped to give birth. She has resumed co-hosting the show.

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Maternity Photo Shoot

The slim body video led to speculations she did not become pregnant but instead used a surrogate, Toggle reported. AngelaBaby ignored the rumors, but to defend her, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming, her husband, posted on Weibo a picture from her maternity photo shoot.

The baby bump, which Huang Xiaoming is caressing, is visible in the image. The new father captioned the photo, “Nothing much, [it’s] just that I feel being a mother is really not easy! All the mothers in the world are the greatest.”

“Biological Child”

Behind the surrogacy rumor is paparazzo blogger Zhou Mei who wrote, “As far as I know it wasn’t, it’s a ‘biological child,’ Asia One reported. In response to Zhou’s statement, AngelaBaby’s Weibo blog posted, “Rumours are rumours. We thank Teacher Zhou for the clarification in the first half of his sentence, but we do not accept the misleading quotation marks in the second half of the sentence.” Zhuo was reminded if his post would be reposted over 500 times, the blogger would have to take legal responsibility.

It is not the first time for AngelaBaby to be accused of being fake. After she married Huang in October 2015, a plastic surgery clinic claimed her pretty physical appearance was the result of surgical enhancement. She went through a medical examination in Beijing to disprove the cosmetic surgery clinic’s accusation, the Strait Times reported.