• China's Uyghur Minority Marks Muslim Holiday In Country's Far West

China's Uyghur Minority Marks Muslim Holiday In Country's Far West (Photo : Getty Images/Kevin Frayer)

“The Return of the Condor Heroes” is a martial arts drama, but the role of Hong Kong actress Carman Lee was that of a young girl who grew up in an ancient graveyard. At a young age, her character, Xiao Longnv, was a martial arts master.

On Aug. 28, a new film, “Butterfly Cemetery,” would debut in China with Carman Lee playing a role similar to Xiao Longnv, China Plus reported. She would play a cemetery owner who does not grow old and would not die. But the rest of her male tribe mates die when they reach a certain age, the actress shared.

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Half-Butterfly Woman

Produced by Mei Ah Entertainment in Hong Kong, “Butterfly Cemetery” is a $12-million fantasy thriller about a half-butterfly woman. It is one of six movies announced at the Hong Kong Filmart in 2016, Screendaily reported.

The film is an adaptation of a novel by Cai Jun which was based on a legend that every city has a mysterious cemetery. Because that mysterious burial ground makes a person realize his wish, every resident is eager to discover that cemetery.

However, the irony is that after people discover the location of the mysterious cemetery, they would die. Besides Carman Lee, other stars of “Butterfly Cemetery” are Chinese actors Zhang Li and Li Zifeng, and New Zealand model and actor Vivian Dawson. Joe Ma is the director of the movie which premieres on Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Filmart Movies

The movie, known for its heavy effects, was mainly shot in Budapest. Among the other movies announced at Filmart were “Growing Up,” “The Travel Diary” and “Girl of the Big House.” The film “Growing Up” is a coming-of-age drama by Yu Zhong. “The Travel Diary” featured a girl who cycled across Taiwan to search for her look-alike.” It starred Cherry Ngan and was directed by Wei Te-Sheng.” “Girl of the Big House” is a $10-million family adventure that featured Francis Ng and Miriam Yeung.”