• Promotional Activities Of Martial Arts TV Series 'Yong Chun'

Promotional Activities Of Martial Arts TV Series 'Yong Chun' (Photo : Getty Images)

Hong Kong chef Nicholas Tse was the special guest of an “East meets West” themed dinner in Bali, Indonesia, aired by Fox TV. During the dinner, Fox announced that an English version of Tse’s cooking show “Chef Nic” would air on Fox and National Geographic.

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Israel Episode

For the dinner, Tse designed three dishes. Besides the two big broadcasting networks, the cooking show would also air online. Toggle reported that the singer-actor-chef went to Israel to film an episode for the English edition of “Chef Nic.”

However, because of the political and military situation in Israel, there were several disruptions to the filming of the episode because of nearby gunfights. The lives of the host, crew and cast were endangered. But Tse thinks it was not that dangerous. He did not even think of buying travel insurance.

He made the remarks because the chef had previously shot an episode of “The Viral Factor” at the Dead Sea in Jordan and he felt protect. Tse said he felt the protection when he goes to film episodes in countries where there are current turmoil.

Another Kind of Turmoil

However, his most recent turmoil was neither political nor overseas. It happened in Hong Kong when entertainment blogger Song Zude claimed Tse and his girlfriend Faye Wong had split. Song even promised to eat 400 grams of dog poo on live TV if his blog about the split was wrong.

“Chef Nic” premiered in 2014 and has become a hit show. The themed dinner is Bali was part of the 2017 Asia-Pacific Video Operators Summit. Fox said the English edition of “Chef Nic” would be one of the annual key projects of the broadcasting network for 2017. He would be the first Chinese chef to have a show on Fox and National Geographic, The Malay Online reported.