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It is not just the Chinese sci-fi movie “Reset” that was recognized at the recently concluded WorldFest – Houston International Film Festival. A romantic movie based on a South Korean comic book was given a special jury award at the same filmfest.

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South Korea Comic Book

“Special Encounter” was given a Special Jury Remi Award, China.org reported. It was based on “Botox,” a comic book in South Korea authored by Mina Kwang. Wanda Pictures produced the movie which stars Yan Ni, a Chinese actress, and Calvin Tu, a Taiwan actor.

Directed also by the comic book author, Mina Kwang, “Special Encounter” would show in China on May 19. The comedy film concluded the Third Annual Panorama China platform which showed 33 Chinese movies during the film event.

Improved Box-Office Results

The filmfest ended its 10-day run on Wednesday. The 50th annual independent film festival registered a nine percent increase in its box-office result, Style Magazine reported. Besides the movies given award, Rob Reiner, an American actor, was given by the filmfest organizers a WorldFest Remi Career Achievement Award.

There were 17 movies that held its world premiere at the WorldFest – Houston International Film Festival which was established as an International Film Society in 1961. The event concluded with the showing of a Japanese movie, “Tatara Samurai” by Yoshinari Nishikori to a full house of indie moviegoers. Eugene Nomura, the producer of the epic movie, also attended the film showing.

The 2017 edition of the filmfest celebrated its 12th annual Panorama Italia. It featured “The Stuff of Dreams” (La Stoffa dei Sogni) and five other indie Italian-language movies. The movie was directed by Gianfranco Cabbidu.

On Saturday night, April 29, the filmfest held its Grand Awards Gala. The event culminated with the VIP NASA Rocket Park tour and Consular Regatta & barbecue hosted by the Houston Yacht Club on Sunday morning.