• Hair Dragging Incident

Hair Dragging Incident (Photo : Weibo)

The video of a female teacher dragging a young girl by the hair has become viral in China. The incident happened on Tuesday at the Huachen Foreign Language School in Dongguan, Guangdong Province.

None of Your Business

Next Shark reported that a courier saw the hair-dragging incident, recorded it and posted the clip on the Internet. But he also confronted the teacher who pretended she was the child’s mother. She told the courier it is none of his business, while the student was on the ground crying and screaming that she wants to go home.

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The girl was a year 2 student who went out for lunch with her mother and returned in the afternoon to resume attending classes. But the student did not want to go back to school and stayed near the gate.

The teacher talked to the student for 30 minutes and got the girl to agree to return to class. However, halfway while going back to their class, the girl cried which resulted in the teacher dragging the student by the hair.

Principal Apologizes

The courier reported the woman which caused the victim’s mother to go to Huachen Foreign Language School to confront the school principal. The teacher was suspended while an investigation is ongoing, Shanghaiist reported. The principal apologized to the parents of the girl. The student was sent to a hospital for a check-up, but doctors said she has no injury.

One day after the courier shared the video online, the incident became one of the most talked about topics on Weibo. A lot of Chinese netizens said they want to also drag the female teacher by the hair so she would know how painful it is.

Not all parents are willing to wait for the result of a school investigation if their child was hurt by a teacher. In April, after a Chinese mother saw the surveillance video of a female kindergarten teacher abusing her child and took matters into her hands by beating the teacher.