• One of China's problems is road congestion and loosely implemented traffic regulations.

One of China's problems is road congestion and loosely implemented traffic regulations. (Photo : Getty Images)

A school bus carrying kindergarteners crashed into a tunnel in eastern China and burned, Tuesday, May 10. Several South Korean and Chinese students died, along with their bus driver, according to an article by Channel News Asia.

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The students, aged 3 to 6, were from a South Korean international school located in Weihai, Shandong Province.

There are mixed reports about the exact number of South Korean and Chinese students who perished in the accident. According to the Weihai propaganda department, five of those who died were South Korean, while six were Chinese.

Meanwhile, reports from the South Korean consulate in Qingdao told AP that 10 of the students were South Korean, five of whom were dual Chinese nationals. The consular official also said that the students were aged 4 to 7.

Local authorities said that the school bus was on its way to Weihai Zhongshi South Korean International when it crashed in the Taojiakuang tunnel at approximately 9 a.m.

A video of the accident, which showed cars avoiding the bus engulfed in flames, was posted on People’s Daily’s official Twitter account. The video has yet to be verified, and the accident is currently under investigation.

In response to the accident, South Korea’s acting president Hwang Kyo-Ahn has expressed sorrow, according to Channel News Asia. Hwang has also instructed South Korea’s foreign ministry to assist with the investigation and keep the families of those affected updated on any new developments.

Road accidents are not uncommon in China. In 2015, over 180,000 traffic accidents that resulted in 58,000 deaths were recorded. Most people point at the loosely implemented traffic regulations in the country as the primary cause of such events.

Furthermore, buses traveling long distances tend to carry passengers beyond their limit. These vehicles are the most prone to high fatalities.