• For the Chinese, veteran actor Aamir Khan, "Uncle Khan," is the symbol of Indian films.

For the Chinese, veteran actor Aamir Khan, "Uncle Khan," is the symbol of Indian films. (Photo : Getty Images)

After raking in 124 million yuan four days since its release, the Aamir Khan-starrer film "Dangal" is now China's highest-grossing Indian film, a report from China Plus said.

The movie dethroned the previous record holder, "PK," which garnered 110 million yuan. The project was also top-billed by the Bollywood superstar. 

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Fondly called as "Uncle Khan" by the Chinese, the 52-year-old actor takes on the role of a father who taught wrestling to his two daughters.

"It's a true story of a man living in the north India, in a very small village, very conservative society, and how he does not discriminate between a girl child and a boy child," the article wrote, quoting the veteran box-office star.

According to Khan, the film's message is about gender discrimination in his country.

In "Dangal," one of Khan's daughters eventually became India's first female wrestler to bag a gold medal during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. The other daughter ended up winning the second prize.

Apart from taking Chinese theaters by storm, Khan also sent various social media platforms abuzz. Thousands of Weibo users are talking about his new film, praising his top-notch acting chops.

"Just watched 'Dangal,' have to say I laughed and cried a lot, and of course was moved. Thank you for always being concerned about social events, rights for girls, medicine, education . . . [You have] enlightened me in many ways," a Chinese fan commented on Khan's Weibo account. 

Meanwhile, movie watchers on the film review website Douban gave "Dangal" a 9.2 rating.

Khan is widely recognized in China for his role in the 2009 comedy hit "Three Idiots." In this film, his portrayal of the hardships and pressures faced by India's engineering students tugged at the heartstrings of many Chinese moviegoers, especially the millennials.

Some of his other notable works include "Taare Zameen Par" and "Ghajini."

The actor is also regarded as a symbol of Indian films in China.