• Detective Dee

Detective Dee (Photo : darkpazu/YouTube)

There are six films from China that IM Global will bring to Cannes as part of its sales lineup. IM Global is an independent studio that runs one of the leading film, TV and music production, sales and distribution platforms.

Among the investors in IM Global is Tang Media Partner, an investment fund in Shanghai. IM Global has a subsidiary in Hong Kong, IM Global China, which manages the distribution internationally of leading Chinese movies and the import of Hollywood films to China.

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Movies about Youth

Variety reported that IM Global picked up international sales rights to six Chinese movies. Two target young moviegoers. One is “Youth” by Feng Xiaogan and the second one is “Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings” from Huayi Brothers.

“Youth,” currently in post-production, is about the lives of a group of idealistic teens who are part of an army art troupe where they learn about love and growing pains associated with becoming adults. Based on a screenplay by “The Flowers of War” writer Yan Geling, the upcoming film stars Huang Xuan, Miao Miao and Zhong Chuxi.

In “Detective Dee: Four Heavenly Kings,” which is the third in the franchise, the detective defends himself from the accusation of Empress Wu while Dee investigates a crime wave. Mark Zhao, Carina Lau, Kenny Lin and Feng Shaofeng are the stars of the movie now in pre-production stages, led by Chen Kou-fu and Nansun Shi.

Offerings from Enlight Pictures

The four other Chinese films bound for Cannes sales lineup are produced by Enlight Pictures. These are “The Guardian,” an animated adventure; “Return to the Wolves,” a documentary; “All About Secrets,” a romantic drama; and “City of Rock,” a comedy-drama.

IM Global also added to its Cannes lineup “Real,” an action thriller from Cove Pictures of Korea. It is a movie about a man who wants to control the criminal world by opening the largest casino in Korea.