• Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman.

Director Matt Reeves smiles for the camera alongside a photo of Ben Affleck as Batman. (Photo : YouTube/Wochit Entertainment)

Ben Affleck is reportedly getting back in shape in preparation for the upcoming "Batman" movie.

The talks about "The Batman" movie have been on the rounds as early as 2013, following the announcement of Warner Bros that the next Batman is no other than Ben Affleck.

The excitement of the viewers to see Affleck in black and with a mask significantly waned when the actor turned down the post as the director of the film let alone the main cast of the movie.

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Recent reports, however, shed a ray of hope to fans. Accordingly, DC Comics insider Umberto Gonzales confirmed that Affleck is currently undergoing strict fitness and diet regimen in preparation for "The Batman" movie. It is said that the actor aims to get back in shape before the filming of the movie.

Surely, viewers will not be surprised anymore to see Affleck in Batman's costume as he has already assumed the role in various DCEU movies, such as "Suicide Squad," "Batman v. Superman" and "Dawn of Justice." He is even set to reprise his role in the next episodes of "Justice League." Nonetheless, many believe that the character of Batman with him in the limelight brings viewers to different dimension.

With this report of Affleck's new regimen to get back in shape, it seems that the release of "The Batman" is one step closer to reality. There is neither official confirmation nor update on the movie yet, but Matt Reeves is set to take the directorship of the film, should the producers decide to push it through later this year or in 2018.

In another news, Affleck is confirmed to have moved out of the Affleck's family home, weeks after his marriage with actress Jennifer Gardner has been nullified in the divorce filed by the latter on April 13. It can be remembered that the couple has already been separated since 2015, although the actor remained in their family home for the sake of their children. Sources also said that the two still think of the welfare of their children, and thus, the actor will still spend as much time as he usually does with his kids and this is something he already agreed with his "co-parent" and ex-wife.