• Abusive Chinese Teacher

Abusive Chinese Teacher (Photo : Weibo)

Another Chinese teacher has been caught abusing physically students. The culprit this time is Zhou, a middle school teacher in Sichuan Province who used an extension cord to whip his students.

He was suspended by the school after photos circulated in Chinese social media sites that went viral which showed students kneeling down outside the school in Tongjiang County. Zhou made students kneel on a stair step and then whipped them one by one, Next Shark reported.

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Students Fail to Recite Homework by Heart

The whipping was triggered by the failure of some of Zhou’s students to recite their homework by heart, according to Shanghaiist. He first made them stand up for the rest of the class and then took them outside to classroom to hit them with the extension cord.

He was not content with whipping them with the cord. The angry teacher also punched and kicked the students around their ears to make them be more diligent in studying their homework. After suspending Zhou when the photos spread online, the school said it would investigate the teacher.

Parents Get Back at Abusive Teachers

Netizens suggested that Zhou be punished also physically by his student-victims. In previous incidents of student abuse in China, it was the parents who got even by beating the abusive teacher. In August 2016, the parents of a female high school student from Weixian Number 1 Middle School beat and stripped naked a male teacher who sexually assaulted their daughter.

Not all abusive teachers are males. Last week, the video of a female primary language school teacher in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, became viral when a courier posted on social media a film clip. The video showed the teacher dragging by the hair a young girl who refused to return to the classroom after having a lunch out with the student’s mother.