• Brexit Effect on Nuclear Deal

Brexit Effect on Nuclear Deal (Photo : Getty Images)

U.K. exporters are concerned that any delays by the British government in the implementation of new post-Brexit legislation could affect U.K. exports to China, according to an article in chinabevnews.com.

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Under the so-called "Great Repeal Bill," the British government will have to replicate existing EU laws as part of the Brexit process, which would also save the government from the complexity of rewriting thousands of laws in such a short period.

For some businessmen, it was not as easy as it may seem. For instance, food producers are concerned about the export health certificates issued by the EU, on whether it would still be legally accepted once the U.K. leaves the EU.

The problem could cause a delay in the British exports of food products to China while new agreements are being made, according to Pig World, a specialist publication.

The publication added that the situation could also severely harm British farmers amid the growing pork exports from the U.K. to China.

The report said that the export and import industry may face difficulties involving several areas of legislation; for instance, in the energy sector which involves the nuclear deal between China, U.K. and France.

Zheng Dongshan, senior vice president of China's CGN Power Company Limited, expressed the same concerns following news reports in February that the renewal of the U.K.'s nuclear power grid may suffer long delays due to Brexit.

During the same time, the British government was also planning to leave Euratom, as part of the Brexit process. Since 1957, the organization has directed the development of nuclear power and equipment in the EU. For the U.K., leaving the organization would mean that it has to concede to nuclear agreements with other countries, which could take months or years to finish.

In addition, the British government may have to form its own organization to manage nuclear power, a process that could also take time to initiate and establish, the report said.