• "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is officially happening.

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is officially happening. (Photo : Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain)

"13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is officially happening. The stars of the hit Netflix show and its executive producer Selena Gomez has confirmed the news.

Variety reported that "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 will premiere on Netflix in 2018 and will have 13 episodes, the same as the first season. In her Instagram page, Gomez simply said that the "story isn't over."

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"13 Reasons Why" Season 1 ended with several cliffhangers that are expected to be explored in the new season. In the Season 1 finale, Alex (Miles Heizer) was in critical condition after shooting himself, Jessica's father already knows about the rape, and Hannah's parents now have the tapes in their possession.

The official logline on Netflix reads that "13 Reasons Why" will pick up on the aftermath of Hannah's death and the beginning of the characters' "complicated journey towards healing and recovery."

"There's a rapist who hasn't been brought to justice, and there's a living survivor of that rapist who is just beginning her journey of recovery," series creator Brian Yorkey told The Los Angeles Times.

"Part of the problem with our culture is that we say, 'Oh, the story's done. Rapes are treated, at best, as a multi-episode arc within a season, when anyone who's experienced rape knows it's a lifelong story," he added.

Yorkey also addressed concerns as to whether the show's lead star, Katherine Langford, will reprise her role as Hannah Baker in the sophomore season. "She's an integral part of whatever the next chapter of the story is, and she's very much still at the center of it," Yorkey explained.

The rest of the "13 Reasons Why" cast are also expected to return, including Ross Butler who initially stirred rumors of a "13 Reasons Why" follow up after he was reported to have exited "Riverdale" to pursue another project.

"13 Reasons Why" is Netflix's most buzzed-about show in history, and has opened discussions on depression, suicide, bullying and sexual harassment particularly among teens. Consequent to the show's success is the backlash on its graphic nature, with some viewers suggesting that the show may have glamorized suicide.