• Marvel's Inhumans originally fought the X-Men in the comics.

Marvel's Inhumans originally fought the X-Men in the comics. (Photo : YouTube / Emergency Awesome)

It's not a Marvel movie without its signature post-credits scene. The post-credits scene has been an integral tool in creating a bridge between Marvel movies. The trend started in the first "Iron Man" movie when Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury popped up and mentioned "Avengers Initiative." Several movies later, Marvel continued to put post-credits scenes after its movies, sometimes growing in number such as in "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2" which boasts five post-credits scenes.

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In an interview with /FILM, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed why they decided to put post-credits scene in every Marvel film.

"As a film nerd, I never wanted it to end. I didn't want the experience...no matter how good or bad the movie was, just the experience of being in the movie theater, I didn't want to end," Feige explained. He added that going through the credits was what he and his mom would when watching a motive. "So I would always sit through all the credits and you're about two-thirds of the way through and it's like oh should I go? Well maybe there's, I mean, that one time there was something in that movie. Maybe there'll be something on this movie. And there never was."

Nick Fury's post-credits scene in "Iron Man" wasn't even part of the plan until they were halfway through production. Every post-credits scene idea since then has come up differently from pre-production to post-production, such as the shawarma scene in "The Avengers."

The idea for the shawarma scene came much later during post-production and they had to get the actors together after one of the early premiere screenings to film that scene and add it to the final cut.

As a matter of fact, at the time of filming, Chris Evans had already grown a beard to film his movie "Snowpiercer," so to cover it up they had to have him wear a prosthetic jaw, Movie Pilot reported.

The post-credits scene is one of the most talked-about aspects of any Marvel movie. Movie goers always go in with an expectation of a post-credit scene.