Some of us dream regularly, while some of us dream rarely. Dream analysts believe that when we dream, our subconscious mind is sorting through emotions, memories and challenges, attempting to find solutions to our concerns.

It is said that most of us actually have between three and eight dreams each night, so although we may not remember our dreams, we are still having them. Dreams perhaps are quite telling of current situations in our life, but could they also be relevant for the future?

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If you have ever spoken to a dream interpreter about a specific or recurring dream, then it's likely their explanation of your dream clicked into place when you heard it? Indeed, many people find that speaking to a dream interpreter can give you insight to what you are dreaming, possibly even predicting events for the future.

Dream interpreters have often studied dreams for years, understanding the psychological and emotional links between our experiences and our subconscious. Dream interpreters can be found online at reputable sites such as TheCircle, and many people find it especially helpful talking to someone who is knowledgeable about something which may be troubling them, especially if it is an unwanted recurring dream or a very vivid one.

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Three of The Most Common Dreams

There are many common dreams and it seems the majority are caused by anxiety, but the following 3 dreams are the most common experiences in dreams:

  • Falling: Falling in a dream is often related to feeling out of control in life or not being able to move on from a relationship or situation. We either wake up, or the dream ends before we hit the ground!
  • Losing Teeth: Losing teeth in a dream is extremely common. To dream of losing your teeth is usually a clear sign that you are feeling anxious about something in your life. You may also be feeling self-conscious or be lacking in confidence in your appearance.
  • Running or Escaping: Trying to escape, being chased or running dreams often means you are feeling anxious about something or you are running away from a situation in life, instead of facing it.

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Why Do We Have Vivid Dreams?

Dream interpreters will often say that vivid dreams should be noted and could be visions that have an important meaning behind them. A vision could be described as a premonition but it won't necessarily be a prediction of something that is going to happen in the future. It could have a symbolic meaning behind it. For example, you could experience a very real dream of owning a brand new, shiny car - but it doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get a new car. A car in a dream is often symbolic of moving forward in life (a "vehicle") and a new car would symbolise that life is going to improve with more abundance for you.

Dream interpreters suggest that we write down our dreams. While some dreams may not make any sense, some could be significant to a current situation in your life or your future. Our sub-conscious may be giving us signs and we should listen. What do your dreams mean?