The growth of artificial intelligence technologies is continuous during the past years with all major players in the tech industry being part of it. Google is perhaps the most significant player in this domain right now after buying several companies that specialized in differed fields of AI. But other tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft or Tesla are in the game as well, leading to the very rapid development of new technologies and means of integrating AI in day-to-day life. In the following rows, you will find a list of the hottest AI technologies and their applications as of 2018.

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Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation is a component of the Natural Language Processing system, and it’s basically a software that transforms structured data fed to a computer into a written narrative with high resemblance with what a human would write but at the speed of a thousand pages per minute. Recently, an AI written script for a Sci-Fi short movie was actually made into a film, and it’s not as bad as you might think. While there’s definitely room for improvement, the Natural Language Generation is an AI component that can soon be used to generate vast quantities of content.

Speech Recognition

You might say that speech recognition is already available for years now and it can be used to interact with your car, phone or computer, and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, the type of speech recognition offered by a genuinely advance Artificial Intelligence system refers to more than just software that understands a human voice and can respond or perform specific tasks, as an alternative to typing or tapping. AI-powered speech recognition is about becoming the only data input method you will ever need when it comes to communication with your car, your computer or even your home.

Virtual Agents

You are already familiarized with Cortana or Siri, the virtual assistants built-in the phone that can perform specific small and uncomplicated task for you with the use of voice recognition. Well, as AI in this domain progresses, virtual agents and assistants will become more and more capable. A great example in that direction is Amazon’s smart speaker / personal assistant / virtual agent, Alexa. Not only that it can help you order a new pair of shoes, but it will also make phone calls and send messages for you or even book a table at that nice restaurant you like.

A related field with one of the virtual agents is one of chatbots that are more and more often used by big companies, including Australian online casinos, to always be there for their customers for the small and repetitive inquiries they may have. This does not only make it easier for the Customer Support department to take better care of each client but also increases the satisfaction rate.

Machine Learning Platforms

Machine learning is, basically, the foundation of all AI systems that are being developed since it offers the algorithm allowing software to become a lot more accurate and able to predict different outcomes without the need of explicit programming in that direction. The process that takes place during machine learning is in a lot of ways very similar with the one of predictive modelling and data mining. It involves searching through specific data to find patterns and adjusting the software accordingly. One of the most used examples of machine learning comes from online shopping and its advertising. The fact that you’re being served personalized ads that contain objects or products of interest is all possible thanks to machine learning. The use of machine learning platforms can be extended to literary any domain and the following years will undoubtedly bring huge breakthroughs thanks to AI and machine learning.