Parents and employers are some of the biggest consumers of spyware in the market today. As a parent, you may at times experience the niggling feeling that your child is up to some mischief on their phones. Though you could ask for the phone and go through the contents, there's a better and subtle manner of going about it.

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Cocospy is the almost perfect mobile spyware for both iOS and Android phones. It keeps improving and upgrading the cool and irresistible features constantly. When installing, you only need to use a link to connect to the user's device. The fact that it's a silent app makes it desirable to many people especially employers who want to track their employees legally.

This article will enlighten you on what Cocospy is and some functionalities that make it the go-to mobile spyware app in 2019.


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What is Cocospy?

Cocospy is a utility application that is available for both iOS and Android devices to discreetly monitor activities of the user on the targeted device.  Once the app is in place,you can view messages,installed applications, social media activities, voice calls among many other functionalities.

Why You Need a Cocospy App for Mobile phones

Thanks to technology, there are many possibilities now that were a mere wish decades ago. One of them is the rise of mobile phones that have now become a necessity in our daily lives. These small devices have taken over many households.

They have also eliminated most of the traditional applications which makes them extremely handy in many circumstances. Because of their integration in the everyday lives, they are the best option for installing spyware.Having tracking software on your mobile phone has some benefits as follows.

To Locate Your Phone

In case you lose your mobile device, you can easily tell the geographical location if you had installed Cocospy. The cell phone tracking app will send you live-location of your device and keep updating after several minutes if the site changes.

For Peace of Mind

As small and significant as they are, they can also turn out to be a source of danger to your children. Cyber bullies, thieves, and adults posing as children in children's websites are some of the problems your child may face when using the phone regularly. Having full access to their phones will keep your mind at ease. You'll be able to monitor whom they're talking to, what they're talking about and intervene where need be.


Cocospy comes with many features that can help in keeping your family safe. You can tell the user's geographical location in real time and also get alerts if they cross your set geographic boundaries. As an employer, you may monitor the communications to keep the employees from leaking sensitive information which can jeopardize your business.

For Credible Evidence

Various instances require you tohave clear evidence before taking a step forward either in pressing charges or terminating a relationship. Planting spyware will give you access to real-time and previous conversations that will be enough proof.

You can listen in on phone calls in real time, check out the exchanged video calls, voice notes and documents. Besides, the app helps you to flag messages so that you don't have to start digging for content yourself. Instead, you access the information from the dashboard and peruse what matters to you.


Why Cocospy is the best Mobile Spyware in 2019

Ease of Use and Installation

Cocospy is an easy app to install and use in Android and iOS gadgets. Just like any other application, you'll have to download and choose premium to access all the additional and useful features.  You'll quickly learn some cool functionalities such as how to track a phone call with Cocospy which includes the call content, caller details, and the duration, navigate the social media activities, and text messaging.

Legal Tracking

Before installing the app, ensure that you agree to the legal terms by fulfilling all the requirements that pertain to what you can and can't do with Cocopsy in your location. Children are usually under parental guidance and thus may not have an issue if you're monitoring their phone activities. Adults, on the other hand, may feel violated, and their privacy intruded if you do not inform them of the spyware.

When in business, ensure that your employees are aware of the spyware in the organization-owned devices.  Include the monitoring clause in the working contract so that the employees are aware before they start working for the company.


It's Discreet

When a user has Cocospy, they cannot tell if they're being monitored or not. It doesn't interfere with other phone activities because it stays entirely in the background. It's also not among your installed apps which makes it hard to find or uninstall.

Quality and Compatibility

Cocospy app is reliable and keeps upgrading to reflect the changing trends in technology. There's no chance of the Cocospy app becoming obsolete on your upgraded phone because of compatibility. In addition, the app works with a variety of cell phone brands all over the world.

No JailBreaking or Rooting Your Phone

Unlike many tracking apps, you don't have to jailbreak your iOS device to access the features. You also don't need to isnatsll the app on your Android from the root.In iOS, you will have access to some social media accounts such as Whatsapp, and access other activities like call logs and messages. Although jailbreaking or rooting is not necessary, you get access to more features and functionalities that way.


Cocospy is one of the most affordable mobile spyware in the market. You have the freedom to choose the type of package you can afford. Packages also determine the number of devices that you can track simultaneously.


With more than 1 million users, Cocospy has carved a name for itself among the most reliable mobile spyware in the market. You'll be ready to reap the benefits after a simple and straight forward installation.