The KKK Grand Wizard, Bill Wilkinson, who disappeared without trace in 1984 from the U.S., has resurfaced in San Pedro, Belize after 30 years.  

The notorious Grand Wizard of Ku Klax Klan, an organization with hardcore white supremacy beliefs and racial segregation, said he still believes in racial segregation but he is not a racist.

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In a surprising twist of the tale, the hardcore leader is found to have a posh hotel resort in a location that is full of people he once wanted to segregate. The notorious leader denied the claims that he had turned to an FBI snitch.

"I spoke with the FBI yes, but I wasn't an informant," Wilkinson said.

Speaking from the luxurious hotel resort he owns and telling his views to Daily Mail Online, Wilkinson said, "Don't call me racist, I don't hate blacks."

Meanwhile, contrary to popular belief, Wilkinson mentioned that he had not "changed" since his "hardcore" KKK days. He said he still believes in racial segregation.

"I'm just a Bible-crashing segregationist. I still believe in segregation, that's how it should be," Wilkinson said.

The 72-year-old was the Imperial Wizard of the Invisible Empire of the Knights of the KKK from 1975 to 1984.  The organization believed in white supremacy and was involved in several hate crimes, including the murder of Viola Liuzzio in 1965, who they said was "promoting racial mixing".

Meanwhile, according to the IJ Review, the KKK patriarch was not hiding at all and, in fact, he was living a happy and rewarding life in San Pedro, Belize. His facebook account is open to public and it is full of enjoyable images and texts.

The former leader of the para-military training camp called the 'Klan Guard', who believed that racial mixing is a higher sin than murder, said he is totally enjoying his life in Belize. His immediate aim is not to segregate people any more, but just to have fun.

"I just wanna continue to enjoy scuba-diving and snorkeling and spear-fishing," Wilkinson said.

However, the violence Wilkinson perpetrated and the comments he made about a 'race war' are still supported by the old multimillion-dollar businessman. He said that the group believes in "being prepared and having weapons for self-defense".