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Marijuana (Photo : Reuters)

A disclaimer: There is no marijuana in the beer. Cannabis and hops are just the same, both smells like pot. And it is possible that it taste like it as well. This could be the right time to drop a visit at the District's DC Brau Brewing Co. where a dank, resinous pint of beer possibly taste and smells like pot.

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Starting on St. Patrick's Day, Tueday, the DC brewery will begin to tap green-decorated kegs of its new seasonal India pale ale. The beer's caption reads "Smells Like Freedom," in one of the most unusual protests in the history of the District's protracted fight for full voting rights.

The smelly brew is the most recent in a series of ingenious objections since House Republicans attempted to block a voter-approved ballot measure, Initiative 71, to allow marijuana use legally only as recreational drugs in the capital, according to The Waashinton Post.

D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) pushed forward with implementing the ballot measure last month over threats of jail time by congressional Republicans. Cannabis or marijuana is now legal in the District maybe it be sharing, usage, possession, and even home cultivation of it. However, the Congress has blocked legal sales or purchases of pot.

The newest beer will be called "Smells Like Freedom", and it shall be tapped tonight at D.C. hangout Meridian Pint in the Columbia Heights region. It is where 71 supporters got together on Election Night last year to celebrate its legalization, The Cannabist reported.

"It seemed to be a connection we had between the two [places]. The idea was to make a beer that, obviously, does not have cannabis in it but sort of could emulate that flavor or aroma profile as closely as possible, being that hops themselves are so closely related to cannabis."Brandon Skall, DC Brau co-founder explained.