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Eye Candy (Photo : YouTube)

“Eye Candy” Season 2 is officially in the works. The creator of the show, Christian Taylor, has dropped some major spoilers regarding the upcoming second season.

“There is going to be a big conspiracy that we will explore next season, about why her sister did that,” Taylor told TV Line. “I’ll say one thing – it will be linked to their father.”

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This statement refers to the plot twist that was revealed at the end of the show’s finale episode. After everything that has happened, with Lindy scouring the world for her lost sister, it turned out that Sara was the one who was trying to protect Lindy, as pointed out by Venture Capital Post.

Fans of the show are hopeful that a romance will form between Tommy Calligan, played by Casey Deidrick, and Lindy, played by Victoria Justice, especially after the kiss that they shared when they had to pretend to be in love in order to catch a suspect. Sadly, Taylor said that writers and producers are “still unsure” whether or not Tommy and Lindy will end up being romantically together.

“There is an olive branch extended to him,” he said. “I am excited to explore their relationship, if we get a second season.”

“I think they kiss a lot better than Jake and Lindy kiss – which was really lucky,” he said. “You never know that the chemistry is going to be like when you are casting.”

Now that a second season has been confirmed, he might develop the Tommy-Lindy romantic angle, especially after he admitted that his favorite scene was when Tommy told Lindy, “I’m sorry.”

“It was really moving,” he said.