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Nokia Windows Phone (Photo : REUTERS)

Zhuhai-based home appliance manufacturer Gree Electric is on track to launch its smartphone brand in a few months after being granted two important official licenses.

According to the Global Times, Gree has been issued the China Compulsory Certificate (3C) by the Certification and Accreditation Administration, as well as an Internet access certificate by the Telecommunication Equipment Certificate Center (TENAA).

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News of Gree's smartphone first made rounds in March after the company's chairman and president, Dong Mingzhu, was seen flaunting a prototype. In an interview with QQ Tech later in the month, Dong admitted that Gree has been planning to release a smartphone for two years now.

According to Dong, customers would be able to integrate the new Gree smartphone with their Gree home appliances (i.e., air conditioners, rice cookers, etc).

There has been no official confirmation of the specifications of the upcoming Gree smartphone. However, GSM Dome has leaked some details. According to the report, the phone will be named Gree G01111m. It is expected to have a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 5-inch screen with a resolution of 720p, 1 GB of RAM, LTE support and it will run on Androd 4.4.4.

The smartphone, which is alleged to be 8.8 mm thick and weighs 118 grams, also features a 5 MP camera, a 2 MP frontshooter, 8 GB of storage, microSD slot, GPS and infrared connectivity. At a price of about 1,000 yuan, the upcoming Gree phone is evidently low-cost.

The market for smartphones in China is highly competitive and many experts have questioned the chances of success for Gree's smartphone in the market, considering the fact that it is comparatively not the most cutting-edge smartphone around.

But the fact that Gree's smartphone will be able to connect with the company's home appliances gives it a strong advantage. Current technological trends are geared toward creating a smart home and working environment. Therefore, Gree, which is one of the world's leading air conditioner manufacturers, may just have all it takes to satisfy the market.