• A worker at a factory making protective clothing in Weifang in Shandong Province.

A worker at a factory making protective clothing in Weifang in Shandong Province. (Photo : Reuters)

Manufacturing still remains as China's leading industry as the country's manufacturers continue to respond to international market using the simple principle that "we produce whatever sells well."

According to a report by the Global Times, advances in modern communication and transportation have allowed buyers and consumers across the world to have easy access to Chinese products.

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The report said that China now leads in innovation, and unlike in the past when Chinese products were considered good imitations,Chinese products are leading the trends now. One example of these are the smartphone accessories which are not only driven by demand, but also by the aim to innovate and make improvements, the report added.

According to the report, China's responsiveness to keep up with the trends has enabled its manufacturers to enrich the vast array of Chinese products and enable its manufacturers to become more productive.

The report said that due to China's efforts to follow global trends, it was able to develop its industrial sectors, which have strong competitive edge.

By responding to the needs of the market, especially to the low and middle-income families in developing or developed countries, Chinese products were always sold out, the Global Times reported.

The report also said that Chinese manufacturers have complied with the market that enabled them to sell their products at a more profitable price.

According to the report, China's solid foundation in manufacturing has allowed the country to go through another round of economic developments, while manufacturing in other emerging economies have plummeted due to economic recession.

The report said that China's economic structure would require expansion into the service industry. The excessive labor force must be transferred and removed from some unsustainable manufacturing industries, to the service industry, the report added.

However, in some undeveloped areas, the manufacturing industry must be expanded to help those who still live in poverty.