• Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy (Photo : Reuters)

Fish oil of particular fishes is found to may have hinder the effectivity if chemotherapy according to study.

Dutch research team discovered that certain fishes like herring and mackerel can increase blood levels of the fatty acid called 16:4(n-3) in cancer patients. With their experiments with mice, they found out that this type of fatty acids makes cancer cells opposing to chemotherapy treatment, according to Web Med.

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The study, which was co-authored by Dr. Emilie E. Voest, of the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam, explained that people with cancer should avoid taking fish oil supplements since it affects their response to chemotherapy, Fox News reported.

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.6 million people in the US will be diagnosed with cancer this year.  Voest and his team disclosed that omega-3 fatty acids are being taken by cancer patients through fish oils. Fish oils are normally taken as supplement capsules.

However, these fatty acids may possibly allow the cancer cells to repair on their own faster after chemotherapy, Voest explained.

According to Medical News Today, the researchers took 30 cancer-free volunteers to take 10 or 50 milliliters (mL) of the three fish oil supplements. Levels of 16:4(n-3) increased in their blood levels just four hours after taking the 10 mL supplements. Their blood levels went back to normal only after around eight hours. Levels of the fatty acid remained higher on a longer period of time to those who took 50 mL.

The researchers therefore concluded that cancer patients who are still undergoing chemotherapy treatments should best avoid intake of fish oil supplements from the day before their treatment until the day after.