• NASA rover Opportunity

NASA rover Opportunity (Photo : Reuters)

NASA believed that the earthlings are not the only living creatures in our solar system.  They are very confident that there is life beyond Earth.

Chief Scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Ellen Stofan explained that she believe that they are going to discover life beyond Earth in the next decade with evidences to prove it in the next ten to twenty years.

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"We know where to look, we know how to look, and in most cases we have the technology," she disclosed on Tuesday in Washington.

Interim Director of Heliophysics at NASA, Jeffery Newmark said that their beliefs are definitely not an IF but rather a When.

The research is not about finding little green men but rather about little microbes. Through the hour-long presentation the NASA leaders defined the recent findings that tell we are closer than ever to discovering whether we might find life in the solar system and beyond, according to Nation And World.

Director of planetary science at NASA, Jim Green noted in a study with regard to Mar's polar ice caps and implies that 50 percent of the Red Planet's northern hemisphere used to have mile deep oceans for a long period of time, around 1.23 billion years.

Stofan added that the research could get astrobiologists and field geologists on Mars can help very much to discovering fossils of past life.

Green stated that habitable zones are not just around stars but can also be in huge planets too and that our solar system is a soggy place, MSN News reported.