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Amazon Warehouse (Photo : Reuters )

Amazon Web Services is offering its Amazon Machine Learning service for enterprises that are interested in the technology, which analyzes customer data to find out what they like.

The Seattle-based e-commerce giant made the announcement during its cloud tech summit held in San Francisco on Thursday.

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Amazon has been developing the machine learning tech for years, while other giants in the industry such as Microsoft, Facebook and Google have already been applying it for their businesses. For instance, the tech is used for identifying people in images, speech recognition and instantaneous conversation translation.

Andy Jassy, head of the AWS, said that their machine learning service is specifically designed for software developers with little knowledge and no prior experience in the field.

Besides its new machine learning service, AWS also offers other tools that are cloud-powered, according to Wired.

Matt Wood from AWs said that he developed a variation of the tech two years ago for use inside the enterprise. Now, he said that the service is now applied on a camera-based network that identifies Amazon's products inside their fulfillment facilities.

AWS' machine learning service is not as sophisticated and complex as the other tech giants', but the company said that their service is focused on real-world problems, which companies face every day.

Basically, machine learning is closely tied to artificial intelligence. It mainly involves coming up with algorithms that can analyze loads of data. It is not only used in Internet-heavy services, but also in robotics.

Medical research institutes are also opting to rely on the AI tech to scan through data and seek patterns that humans have difficulty searching for, according to Computer World.

For instance, researchers from the Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh in March reported that they are using machine learning service to health records, insurance records, prescription records, genome profiles and diagnostic imaging to come up with the most effective treatment plans for individual patients.

Jeff Bilger, Amazon Machine Learning senior manager, said that the tech was a result of their combined knowledge from thousands of the companies' developers. He added that the company initially thought that sharing the tech will unlock its full potential.