• Viral Picture Of Naked Man Rumoured To Be Harry Styles

Viral Picture Of Naked Man Rumoured To Be Harry Styles (Photo : Twitter)

Ed Sheeran has come up with some shocking claims in reference to his close friend and One Direction's star, Harry Styles. The singer opened up during a chat show when he claimed that Styles is well-endowed and had leaked his own nude pic back in 2012.

Sheeran was speaking on the New Zealand's show, "ZM Online" when he unexpectedly spilled the beans behind the viral yet rumoured naked picture of his 21-year-old friend.

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"Did you know Harry leaked that picture himself? He leaked his own picture," said the singer on being quizzed that whether he had written the song  "Little Things" about One Direction's little things, E!News reported. "He definitely hasn't got a little thing, so no, I didn't write "Little Things" about little things."

Back in 2012, a picture of a naked man showing off his manhood went viral. It was rumoured that the picture belonged to the then X-Factor contestant, Styles. Although it could not be confirmed officially as the face of the man was obscured in the bathroom selfie, the appearance of the hair and body in the pic pointed out vehemently to the singer.

Also, the background of the pic looked similar to the bathrooms used by X-Factor's contestants shown in the series. Styles had slammed the rumours at that time, saying that the naked picture does not belong to himself.

It should be noted that Styles auditioned as a solo artist  for British TV series but got eliminated soon. The star was later brought back into the competition, along with four other contestants, with whom he founded the band One Direction. The band's first studio album, "Up All Night," was released in 2011 making them a worldwide hit.

Although Styles and his representative had never owned the viral nude pic, Sheeran's recent public statement has rubbished all such denials and has confirmed the speculation that the nude picture belongs to the One Direction hottie.

Meanwhile, Styles' representatives have released an official statement via Mirror saying that there have never been any nude pics of the star ever.