• Tiger Woods injures wrist while playing at 2015 Masters tournament

Tiger Woods injures wrist while playing at 2015 Masters tournament (Photo : REUTERS/JIM YOUNG)

While Tiger Woods' wrist maybe "fine," according to his agent; the golfing hero who tied for the 17th position at the 2015 US Masters may take a while before he can play professionally.

Mark Steinberg, Tiger Woods' agent in an email told ESPN that his ninth hole injury was nothing serious and that his wrist was "fine."

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During the last round of the 2015 US Masters, Woods' tee flew into the air and landed on a patch of pine straw on the fairway.

It was during his approach tee, that he made a hard full swing and his club came down on a hidden root of a tree.

Writhing in pain the 14-time major champion winner, threw his club to the ground shaking his wrist as he tried to go on with the game.

Woods explained the grimacing expression, when he told a CBS Sports reporter that a bone in his wrist had been dislodged during his swing.

He said he managed to "put it back in" but that it didn't feel very good. Woods told the reporter he was disappointed with his performance despite continuing undeterred and finishing off T17.

When ESPN asked his agent if X-rays or doctors were resorted to over Woods' wrist, little indication was given to the extent of the injury.

Having missed three putts in a row the 4-time Masters champion said he was unsure when his next tournament would be.

He told the CBS Sports reporter that it would not be for a while adding that he is in the process of "refining what I'm doing. But I've got my distance back."

Woods' injury cost him his performance which he was hoping to improve on and kept him at 13 drives behind winner Jordan Spieth.

The champion golfer has been away from tournament games for nine weeks, and was proud of his comeback.

He told the reporter that making his short game his strength was an achievement, and that the week had held more positive outcomes than negative.