• 22 Jump Street

22 Jump Street (Photo : Twitter/JumpStMovies)

The "Jump Street" franchise recently tapped "Broad City" writers to help them pen their upcoming all-female spinoff.

"Broad City" writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Down have just been hired to write a female-driven spinoff, which will be patterned off of the humor of "21 Jump Street" and "22 Jump Street."

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Additionally, Sony Pictures plans to continuously expand the franchise by creating a crossover with "Men in Black."

"Jump Street" lead stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill will be tasked to enter the "Men in Black" universe, in an attempt to help investigate aliens, according to The Wrap.

As of late, there are no reports yet as to who Sony Pictures will tap to join the cast of the all-female "Jump Street."

However, some fans are now speculating on a number of actresses who can take on the part, E! News reported.

"Pitch Perfect 2" stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson could easily take on similar roles with those of Tatum and Hill.

These two celebrities are not only wonderful actresses, they are also effective comedians and it is common knowledge that wit and humor are crucial to the success of "Jump Street."

Additionally, "Tammy" star Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock could be another great duo. The two previously starred as enemies-cum-friends on "The Heat."

"The Amazing Spider-Man" star Emma Stone and Amber Stevens could also make up for a good team. Stone is known for her quirkiness and Stevens previously starred in "22 Jump Street" as Hill's love interest.

Who do you think should be cast for the upcoming all-female spinoff of "Jump Street?"