• Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (Photo : Twitter)

The official teaser trailer of "Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice" was released when someone had leaked another version of trailer online. This teaser preview was the first glimpse in to the upcoming movie which will release in March next year.

The trailer begins with a number of voice overs along with many interspersed pics of Superman. It leads the audience to wonder where is the Superman standing and whether he be trusted this time or not, according to Ecumenical News.

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After a while, the audience hears the voice over of Lex Luther, who is one of Superman's arch rivals. He speaks in an undertone about how devils do not come from the hell as it is beneath them. Instead, they come from the sky, according to Business Insider.

The next half of the teaser trailer shows Bruce Wayne. He is joined in a voice over from his butler Alfred, who says things about rage and powerlessness. He is perhaps explaining about the part why Batman will be seen fighting Superman.

The much awaited first look of Ben Affleck is clearly seen in the Bat Suit, as he emerges from the backdrop of destruction and fire. The audience also sees some hazy shots of Bat mobile and Batwing at this time.

The roof top confrontation between Superman and Batman is seen in the final moments of the teaser preview. The atmosphere seems tense and broken when Batman is seen challenging Superman when he asks him, if he bleeds. The last shot is of the screen fading away when the Superman says, "You will".

A full length trailer for this movies can be expected somewhere near the release date. Though for now, only this teaser preview is available for the diehard fans of this movie.